Captain Niko’s recommendation is a Half-day boat cruise experience!

We leave around 9.00 am and cruise until 4.00 pm, with, of course, lots of cruise stops and swimming opportunities in the cleanest parts of the Adriatic. We fish together and prepare lunch. Below you can read why it is great to choose a HALF-DAY cruise experience!


- We start the cruise by hanging out and having breakfast together on the boat, right as we leave the marina
We visit, among other, the islands of Vrgada, Gangaro, Košara and Žižanj.
We have secured bathing equipment as well as equipment for non-swimmers (children)
We teach you how to catch and how to prepare the caught fish the local way, and we provide you with a snorkel and a diving mask to full experience of the Adriatic
For lunch we eat fish we caught ourselves, with homemade goat cheeses, olive oil, and red / white wine. If the opportunity arises, we will offer you fresh octopus, shellfish and crabs!
We provide WiFi Free internet connection throughout the trip, to make it easier to share your experiences with friends on social media (with the hashtag #TrueCroatia, of course!)
Music is provided on board and Captain Niko will gladly enjoy local klapa songs with you!
Captain Niko and his first officer Ljlja communicate with you in three languages: Croatian, English and German.
The price is all inclusive of all costs, including fuel – so just relax and enjoy the cruise
We also care about your safety – all hygienic and disinfection measured are also accounted for, as per relevant directives according to general health guidelines




The Babara fishing family will guide you throughout the whole trip. Niko's father was a fisherman, and Niko and his three brothers are in sea tourism as well. Their family has following members: Niko, Ljilja and four children who you may meet on the ship :) Aneta is the oldest, Jure goes to naval school, and Veronika and Ante are the youngest. They all love to cruise the boat that carries the name “JURE”! It is interesting how Veronika, Jure and Ante, three out of their four children, were born on the same date ... this story, as well as many other interesting stories you can hear during the trip :)


Our hand-crafted boat “JURE” is a vessel crafted and modeled in year 2010 according to the Spanish manufacturer Menorquin. At the time Captain Niko did not want to purchase classic manufactured plastic or similar boats. He wanted to create something unique, of style and quality, something to allow him to feel comfortable and safe at each part of the Adriatic. The boat, which Niko and his family hand crafted, was completed in 2013 and had its first cruise in 2014. It weighs as much as 30 tons and is 14 meters long. At 14 meters length, you will be able to enjoy the beauties of the Adriatic, as well as to sunbathe on the front deck. On board, among other things, there are available 3 cabins and a toilet.




How are you different from other excursions and cruises?

The boat is made exclusively according to top designs and our instructions based on generations of sailors. This boat is our second home, and we wish to share this feeling of enjoyment and freedom on the sea with you. We do take only very limited number of people on the cruise, since you and your experience are important to us, so we wish that you enjoy it to the full like we do, so we will give you our best. We will teach you how to fish and catch various seafood, as well as we shall prepare it all in front of you as we do it for ourselves, truly the local way! Food comes directly from the sea, cheeses are organically produced, wines are autochthone from top local small producers…As true Croatia as it gets!


What awaits me on the cruise?

On the trip you will swim and dive in the cleanest part of the Mediterranean , catch fish, cast nets, take the caught fish from the nets, prepare fish on board or in hidden bays and much much more…the true and rare atmosphere of the real Mediterranean as is done by the fisherman families!


Do we have time to swim?

Of course! We take you to the best bays that most tourists do not know about - where the sea is the cleanest. You have a lot of time to swim and enjoy the Adriatic. Proof of the purity of the sea are the largest fish farms in the Mediterranean (which we will be passing by) - such sea farms can be only located in the cleanest parts of the Adriatic.


Where do we all cruise?

We plan to cruise around the islands of Vrgada, Gangaro, Košara and Žižanj. We also pass by the 2 largest fish farms in the Mediterranean, the cleanest parts of the Adriatic Sea. At yout request and in agreement with our Captain Niko, the tour can be customized and adapted to your preferences and wishes.


What if we are not located in Biograd and we want to go on a cruise with you?

No problem! We provide parking in Biograd and then together we go to the boat where you will enjoy and experience the real Croatia! We also have a mini-bus and vans, so we can pick you up if you are not in Biograd or need transportation (with a small, if any ;), surcharge).


What if I don't eat fish?

If you do not eat fish and do not want to taste it, you should state this in the note when booking your trip or at any time up to 24 hours prior to the cruise. You should also indicate what meat or other food you would like to eat on board and we will accommodate your wishes.


Do I need to carry anything particular on the trip?

Not really. You only need to show up and enjoy the trip and experience the real Croatia. We will provide the drinks, food, snorkeling masks, towels, etc


Is there a toilet on board?

Yes, there is a toilet on board as well as three cabins in case you wish to lay down and rest for a while.